Special Machines

Novatec manufactures special machines tailored to customer needs, for handling, transport, assembly, testing or packaging of the product.

The company operates in close synergy with the customer for the technical and technological development of product and/or process. This is why Novatec adopts internal policy to protect any confidential and proprietary information of the customer.

Some examples of special machines designed and manufactured for our customers.

BS-Elevator: Loading system of coating pans from the drum

Problem: loading coating pan with 60 liters tablets drums in a reduced space and low cycle times (50 s/coating pan) and no operator effort (biomechanical overload).

Solution: design and manufacture of a semi-automatic machine for loading coating pans by the technology of the man-power amplifier.

Scientific validity of the project: the project has originated 2 specific patents and papers in mechatronics and industrial automation journals.

Automatic system of waffles handling for automatic wafer production line

Problem: Integrating a new waffle rotation machine into an existing wafer automatic line.

Technical specifications: rotation upside down the waffles in a cycle time of 2 s/piece, only for some types of products.

Solution: waffle toppling station, integrated with the existing line and with a flip on/off switch. No impact on logic and control systems of the existing automatic line.