Industrial Spare Parts

Novatec has developed an internal division specialized in the analysis of mechatronic industrial spare parts of machinery, with the aim of offering cost efficiencies and environmental sustainability, through the regeneration of these components as an alternative to their scrapping and repurchase.

Through an analysis of the company’s historical data on spare parts and the indications of the maintenance specialists, Novatec’s technicians are able to propose solutions on components capable of reducing the cost of operating production plants.

HTechX Coupling Rubbers for connections between electric motor and compressor or pump

Usage: Industrial compressors, high pressure and power pumps Transmitted power: from 70 kW to over 250 kW

Operating hours: more than 16.000

Circular economy: we have an advanced testing step of a rubber compound with a high rate of recycling

GSM-P pneumatic rotary gripper for pick & place solutions in high automation systems

Problems: loss of functionality due to prolonged use on high performance systems

Causes: wear of pneumatic components, mechanical or sensory malfunction Proposed solution: regeneration of the gripper through the replacement of worn or malfunctioning components, calibration of the gripper, testing and certification of the intervention carried out