Structural optimization of flexible hydraulic hoses for oleodynamic


In close collaboration with the Mechanical, Thermal and Managerial Engineering Department and on a Novatec client company account, a modeling tool of braided flexible hydraulic hoses for high pressure uses has been realized in order to achieve better performances.

The research activities has involved both modeling and an intense experimental activity for the model validation. During the testing activity the hose deformations depending on pressure have been estimated.

Results show that hoses with a braiding angle larger than the neuter nominal one are subjected to longitudinal extensions and to circumferential strains and they better stand bursts. Hoses with a braiding angle smaller than the neuter nominal one are subjected to longitudinal shortenings and to circumferential warpings and they have a lower bursts stand. Similar results emerged from the numerical modeling as well.
Many useful suggestions to the braided hydraulic hoses design emerged from such activity.