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Pedestrian against vehicle impact modeling

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Pedestrian against vehicle impact modeling aims at evaluating the body damages hit pedestrians are subjected to. It stresses impact criticalities and deals with project parameters in order to ensure pedestrian safety.
According to the European pedestrian safety laws and to EEVC, ACEA, EuroNCAP rules, 40 km/h is the impact analyzed speed and impact involves 3 main parts of the human body. The impact modeling shall lead to the assessment of the energy absorption on the part of impacting vehicle frontlet.

Since 2010 all new cars will have to meet the EEVC legislation requirements and it is therefore important to start designing some calculation methodologies devoted to crash in order to get reliable results within a reasonable time.
Designing a frontlet vehicle carefully considering pedestrians’ safety proved to be sensitively improved by pedestrian against vehicle impact modeling since project parameters are optimized within a short time and experimental tests costs are reduced.

Through an impactor and an impacting vehicle frontlet model, FEM analysis allows a qualitative and quantitative assessment of what is occurring; for instance, it is possible to go back to energy dispersed by each vehicle single component and, therefore, it is possible to evaluate the feasibility of analyzed project solution.

The figure below shows the impact analysis of a ball on a rigid surface and reproduces a similar case to a child pedestrian’s head on a windshield. Such research has been conducted though the

ANSYS / LS-DYNA calculation code which also produces the impact force graphs as a function of displacement and energy exchange.

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