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Novatec Pharma Division was established as a separate unit since the pharmaceutical requirements are often specific and different from other industrial ones. Novatec PD products are inspired by the final user requirements (usually by a pharmaceutical multinational company) and need an adequate time lapse to be developed, performed and finalized. When the installed machine begins its production, a careful monitoring stage starts in a close interaction with the client whose information and prompts are fully taken into account.

Such approach enables Novatec to finalize its products in a short time by improving them as suggested by clients and, by eliminating the little faults, a new product might reveal. Our products have been developed in collaboration with both pharmaceutical multinational companies and SME.

Novatec recognizes its clients’ requirements, analyses technical and technological solutions through modern calculation and modeling tools and adapts them to specific standards (GMP), implements and tests innovative prototypes by means of a theoretical-experimental approach. Novatec avails itself of its employees’ experience and of the close interaction with University containing it and supporting its highly innovative activities.

  • CP-PHARM system for pneumatic tablets conveying
  • Material handling system for automatic compression for oral solids compression rooms
  • Automatic device for agarose gel application on Mylar supports
  • BS-Elevator - Sistema di caricamento bassine da fusto
    Novatec srl  Pharma Division - Via Giovanni Gronchi n. 18, 67100 L'AQUILA.
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